The moclo module is designed to be modular, and as such, you only need to install whatever functionalities you are willing to use. Packages are distributed on PyPI, and it is advised to use pip to install them. See the pip documentation to get pip if it is not installed on your system.

Commands below use pip in user mode: the packages will be installed in a user-dependent location, and no additional permissions are needed. If for some reason you need a system-wide setup, remove the --user flag. Installing in user-mode should be prefered to avoid dependency issues, in particular when on an OS which provides a package manager (such as aptitude on Debian, or even homebrew on Mac OSX).

PyPI + pip PyPI

To download the latest release from the Python Package Index:

$ pip install --user moclo moclo-ytk moclo-cidar

GitHub + pip Travis

To download the development version from the source repository, you can specify a subfolder in the installation command and directly install it:

$ pip install --user git+
$ pip install --user git+
$ pip install --user git+

Check the CI build is passing, or else you may be installing a broken version of the library !